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Globally, the business of online casino gambling has improved, and with the continuous growth of technology, it is bound to get better. Today, we will explain everything you need to know about online casinos and rules guiding its operations in Canada.

Some Data on Online Casino in the World

Online casino is an internet-based casino that allows gamblers to stake on different games. They give various odds and markets that offer bettors huge gains than the land-based casinos. Most casino operators obtain betting software from Amaya, bet trader, and Golden Race.

The top online casino operators in Canada include Casino classic, Grand Mondial, luxury casino, and zodiac casino.

Types of online casino

An online casino can be divided into web-based casinos and downloaded casinos. However, some casino operators accommodate both on their platform.

Web-based casinos are flash casinos where bettors can play various casino games on their system. To play this type of casino game, and you will need to download Java or Shockwave. You will also need a fast and reliable internet connection.

As for download-based casinos, these kinds of casinos will require the gambler to download the casino operator client to wage a bet. This software connects a gambler directly with the casino operator without the use of browsers. This is a faster mode of casino gambling and it’s highly secured.

Casino games available online

There are several online casino games available, and they include;

  • Baccarat: This is a card game played online. There are three variants of this game. North American baccarat, baccarat Chemin and Baccarat Banque.
  • Blackjack: Also an online casino card game that players can play against the dealer or one another. It consists of decks of 52 cards. It is prevalent worldwide.
  • Craps: This casino game is all about dice. Here gamblers wage in the results of rolls or series of rolls. Some gamblers call it seven-eleven. The particularity here is that this is a chance games.
  • Roulette: This game is number related. Many choose to bet on odd or even numbers, other on colors. You could even bet on high or low numbers.
  • Slot: Slots are part of EGMs (electronics gaming machines) that allows gamblers to slide in money, and they, in turn, press a button to win a jackpot.
  • Poker: Online poker is also a popular card-based game that allows gamblers to compete against one another. The house represented by the dealer collects a commission called a rake.
  • Keno: This is a lottery-based casino game. You will have to choose between 1–80 and hope to be lucky.
  • Bingo: With Bingo, it is a randomly generated number game. Incentives offered by online casinos.

There are various perks and bonuses offered by casino operators to keep their customers. These bonuses include a welcome bonus, free spins, referral bonus, loyalty programs among others.

What is the regulation in online casino Canada 2020?

Unlike its close neighbours, Canada has very flexible laws concerning casino regulations. This may be because of the liberal stance of government officials concerning gambling. Canadian laws do not forbid online gambling. However, all gambling operators, both online casinos and land-based, must be fully licensed. Sections 201–209 of the criminal code of Canada penalize all gambling offense. It also bars all citizens when gambling online with a casino not fully licensed.

Despite these regulations, the Kahnawake nation in the city of Quebec has its different regulations and has given over 300 online casino operator’s license.

Top regulators of online casinos in Canada include the British Columbia gambling policy and enforcement branch, Kahnawake Gambling Commission, Quebec Regie des Alcool des course et des Deux, Alcohol and gaming commission of Ontario. However, all gamblers in Canada must be 18 years or above.

How to play online casino in a responsible way?

Gambling online can be fun and rewarding. However, one must be careful not to be addicted and wasteful. It will be in your interest to gamble responsibly, and here are some ways to achieve that. 

  • Self-Exclusion Policy

Gamblers should take it upon themselves to stay off gambling for some time. This can be done with a strong will, or you can have a tool that can do that for you. This exclusion tool will suspend your betting account for a time, stop you from logging in, and block you from depositing funds in your account.

  • Stop Chasing Your Losses

Gambling responsibly starts when you can ignore your losses and move on. However, if you keep chasing your loss, you will continue to lose. Everybody has a bad day.

  • Don’t Drink Strong Liquor While Playing Online Casino

Excessive alcohol can affect focus and allow gamblers to lose slowly when gambling. It is better not to drink too much when wagering. Aside from losing focus, you are also susceptible to anger and violence.

  • Only Play With Money You Can Lose

Have you ever heard of the axiom, never gamble with someone else’s money? Follow this saying kindly and only bet what won’t hurt you.

  • Get Limit Tools

There is gamble-limit software which can help you wage responsibly online. This tool will notify you how long you have been gambling, limit your time gambling online, limits your deposit, and the amount you can wager on. It is available online at affordable prices.

  • Take Any Win

Most casino games have been manipulated to make the house the overall winner, no matter how you are right. Therefore, any time you win a little cash, run!

  • Getting professional help

For those who are addicted to online casino gambling, it will be in your interest in seeing a specialist like a psychologist or a counselor help you out.

  • Stop being superstitious

Some gamblers believe they have favourite days or lucky numbers that will make them win. It is all a mirage. With gambling, nothing is guaranteed. This superstitious belief has led many to lose a lot of money. Beware!

  • Having an In-depth Knowledge of Game Odds

Planning is an integral part of success for all gamblers of casinos. A number of these casino games are luck, but others like poker and baccarat are skill-based. It is in your interest to know all the skills in these games to limit your losses.

We have given a detailed explanation of online casino gambling, how it is regulated in Canada. We also mentioned steps you can take that would let you be responsible for gaming. Bet responsibly!

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